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Your fire is out. Thanks for playing Fuel the Yule. Hope you burned some 2018 stress in the process. Happy Holidays from ndp.

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Your goal is to keep the yuletide fire glowing by burning off your 2018 stress. Watch out for cooling elements that could end your game for good. Hope to see you on the fa-la-la-la-leaderboard!

    Goal: Keep the fire burning as long as you can. The longer you play, the faster the game gets.

  1. Align the item you want to add to the fire within the target and tap the “drop” button.
  2. “Fuel” items (listed below) will keep your fire burning.
  3. “Cool” items will reduce the flame. Drop too many of these and your fire will go out.
  4. “Wildcards” are a surprise!
  5. Don’t burn too many items at once! If you do, you may smother your fire.
  6. The game ends when your fire burns out.